For information on Classroom Presentations or Precast/Prestressed Concrete Plant Tours,
Please contact: Phil Wiedemann at (937) 833-3900 or click here to email

The 2018 PCI Engineering Student Design Competition "Big Beam" is underway.
Click Here for more information and a link to view the 2017 rules.
To view previous award winners, click here.
If you have any questions about the Big Beam Competition,
please contact Alex Morales at
In the past 10 years, 109 University “Big Beam” Teams have participated with PCI Central Region Producer Members.
The University of Notre Dame Team led by Professor Yahya Kurama won the 2016 PCI Big Beam National Championship for a second consecutive year.

Plant Tours for University programs - The Producer Members of the PCI Central Region welcome University Professors and Students to tour our facilities and see first hand the quality and craftmanship that goes into manufacturing Precast / Prestressed Concrete products. Plant Tours are conducted during regular hours and you will be touring a plant that is in production.
For more information, contact Phil Wiedemann at .
In the past 10 years, 258 Plant Tours for 6,492 students were conducted at PCI Central Region Producer manufacturing facilities.

Classroom presentations for University programs - The Producer Members of the PCI Central Region have created a number of hour long programs about various Precast / Prestressed Concrete Products and systems. To see the programs available, click here.
In the past 10 years, PCI Central Region Producers have presented 172 Classrooms Programs for 6,800 students.

Architectural Design Studios - This PCI program offers supplements to architectural curricula, arranged with selected universities, providing students a laboratory for design experimentation in the creative application of current precast design concepts in a structured, intellectually rigorous setting offering three levels of instruction and experience, from beginning students to graduate level. For more information, go to the PCI Foundation website or contact Phil Wiedemann at .

PCI Webinar information is available by clicking here.

Daniel P. Jenny Fellowship Awards - PCI has announced that several $35,000 awards for the 2017-2018 academic year will be offered under the Daniel P. Jenny Fellowship program. There are two new enhancements to the PCI fellowship program this year. If a qualified application is available, one fellowship will be awarded to a student with an untenured advising professor. There will also be a $4,000 Alan Mattock Graduate Scholarship, awarded by the PCI Foundation, added to one of the fellowships to honor the memory of Dr. Alan Mattock. See the announcement at the PCI Central Region website University Resources page. Further information on the Daniel P. Jenny Fellowship program is available at, or click on the link below.
Please click here to access details.
Contact PCI Managing Director of Research and Development Roger Becker at or 312-360-3213 with any questions.

PCI Student Membership is completely FREE and grants you access to a myriad of member benefits, including student discount pricing on select texts (like the PCI Design Handbook!) and steep discounts on event registrations.
Start your free membership today by clicking here.A free one year PCI Student Membership is available for new graduates from an architectural, engineering, or construction management program. Students can register online by clicking here.
Professors enjoy membership privileges for a discounted fee of $60.

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